The comments of Luke Spack, a nurse in Pennsylvania who volunteers in Haiti vividly underscore the absurdity surrounding drug prices:  “I went to fill a script for two Albendazol (a pill that treats a variety of parasites) at the pharmacy here in America. For two pills, with a good insurance, it was $710 dollars. For those same two pills in Haiti they are 20 Gourdes equal to 32 cents in America. I can get 1000 of those pills for Haiti through a non-profit in America for 200 dollars, which would be equal to $700,000 dollars at an American pharmacy if we needed them for use here. Simply, my life can be summarized as living in two contradictory worlds.

The Health Care Access Coalition and its partners are campaigning to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

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If you’re in the 23rd Congressional District, please see contact the coalition forms or follow the link and sign on!



Believing in health care as a right, the Health Care Access Coalition
works to promote affordable, comprehensive, and quality health care
for all through education and advocacy.

We engage in actions that address specific health care needs
in rural Cattaraugus County as well as advocate at both the
state and national levels for the legislative/systemic change
necessary to bring about universal health care.

 Whenever possible, we work collaboratively with other coalitions,
organizations, and individuals in the Southern Tier to develop the
collective power that can help effect change.

For more information or to answer questions about, or to join the Health Care Access Coalition, please contact:

Athena Godet-Calogeras
3629 Five Mile Rd., Allegany, NY 14706
Telephone & Fax: 716.372.3348
Email: hcac@mail.com

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