Candidate Responses

The Health Care Access Coalition, a project of the Labor-Religion Coalition of Southwestern New York, is a local organization that works to promote affordable, comprehensive, and quality health care for all through education and advocacy.  In past years, the coalition has held forums and programs that brought up-to-date health care access information to the general public.  This year, the coalition is seeking to enlighten the general public on the health care opinions and positions being promoted by candidates running for office.  To accomplish this purpose, the coalition submitted six questions to candidates running for seats in the U.S. Senate, the 23rd Congressional District of the House of Representatives, the 57th  New York Senatorial District and the 148th New York Assembly District.  The questions were provided by a physician, a pharmacist, a senior citizen, a mental health representative, a business owner, and a labor leader.  Questions were sent by postal service and e mail, where possible.  Those candidates who did not respond by the deadline were again reminded by e mail.  Three of the candidates did not respond at all.  The responses to the four candidates who responded are as follows:

Senator Cathy Young

Joe Giglio

Dan Brown

Nate Shinagawa


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