Past Events

Past events:

  • My Community, My Health. A series of 3 workshops held at Christ United Methodist Church on March 25, 2017. Speakers included Christopher Anderson, Allison Field, Jené Gardner, Summer Jolley, Setu Shah, Austin Thomas, Vic Vena, Dr. Kevin Watkins and Dr. Gil Witte. The workshops included Rx: Prescription for Debt, The Bitter Side of Sweets, Addictions: Why am I addicted and what can I do about it? The presentations from the event can be found in the following link:
  • Mercy Killers. A play held at the Regina A. Quick Center on Saint Bonaventure’s campus. Broadway actor Michael Milligan plays as Joe, who loves apple pie, Rush Limbaugh and the fourth of July. But when his wife is diagnosed with cancer and loses her insurance, his patriotic feelings are brought into question as he is driven to a fateful act. In this one-man play by Broadway actor Michael Milligan, Joe struggles with losing your health in the land of plenty.
  • Reflections on the Inpatient Psychiatric Experience. Co-sponsored with Jamestown Community College, the Western Region Behavioral Health Organization, Beacon Health Strategies, LLC and Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
  • Candidates Speak Out.  An opportunity for those running for public office to express their views on health care issues affecting our community.
  • Am I my brother’s keeper?  A half-day conference discussion on several topics including the business/economics of health care; health care around the world, media and social media use in health care; faith in health care.  The day was capped with a keynote address by Dr. Wendy Johnson who has over 15 years experience in public and international health as a clinician, teacher, policy-maker, technical adviser and manager.
  • Panel discussion of the Affordable Care Act.  Several local leaders and folks affected by current health care policy spoke about the positives and negatives of the Affordable Care Act.
  • An interfaith discussion of health care.  Representatives of several world religions spoke about health care and their faith experience.
  • Single payer under the microscope. Local political candidates discussed their views on health care for all citizens.